America Has Spoken!

I am feeling things inside that are totally surprising to me. I didn't realize how much anger I've been suppressing since Obama has taken over this country. I had come to the belief that nothing could possibly change this and I had totally let go and pointed myself only to the coming of the Lord for us. I was ready to leave America behind.

This morning I was happy to see that the American people gave the mad man in the occupied White House a huge rejection of all he stands for. But it was shocking to me, because I firmly believed there's no hope for this country and our ONLY hope is the Lord coming for us. I just wanted to be delivered from this awful world.

I've been in shock all morning. And as a glimmer of hope arises out of nowhere, I've started feeling feelings I didn't know were there. The anger I have felt over the total depravity of that man and the lack of opposition from the people, and the horrendous evil he has brought this country to on EVERY count - it's an anger being let loose inside of me that is just taking over. I'm actually physically shaking.

I want that man brought to justice. I hope beyond hope that a movement will arise to impeach that traitor and bring him to justice. And I'd like to be on the jury to make sure it gets done. That man is the closest thing to Satan that I have ever known.

I just had to vent because it's taken over me this morning, and I'm telling you this IS RIGHTEOUS anger and I make no apology for it. That man -- all he stands for is EVIL. Everything he has done is EVIL. He has even defied the Supreme Court!!! And we've had to just sit here and take it, watch and mourn and just feel impotent, nothing we could do, just let it happen as he brings this country down. Here are SOME, certainly not all, of what he has imposed on America:
  • He has opened our borders so that anyone from anywhere can come waltzing into this country, and they have. Sick people. Terrorists. Anyone has a free ticket to America.
  • He has filled his administration with Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and socialists.
  • On a New Year's Eve when everyone was gone for the holidays, he signed the " National Defense Authorization Act." Do you know what that is? It authorizes law enforcement agencies to arrest and detain anyone anywhere for anything, under the excuse that they are a threat to US security. That could even include bloggers if they use the wrong words in their blogs. If they come pick you up, you get no lawyer, no counsel, no trial, you have no recourse.
  • He got rid of more than 200 of his top military officers. What does that tell you?
  • He is a man of LAWLESSNESS. Pulling "Executive Order" when he otherwise can't get his way. In his case, "Executive Order" means dictatorship.
  • He pushed for partial birth abortion -- do you know what that is??? They stick a knife in a full-term baby's neck and kill him as he's being born. And he even pushed for AFTER birth abortion.
  • He has made a fool of the prime minister of Israel and turned his back on our one ally in the Middle East, all the while bringing Muslim Brotherhood terrorists INTO THE WHITE HOUSE.
  • And the economy
  • And Obamacare 
  • And ...he has stated that America is no longer a Christian nation.
I thought we had to just sit here and take it because this man is God's judgment on America. So we've sat here and we've swallowed it all. 

But now that America has risen up and said "NO!" - all these pent-up angers are rising to the surface and I'm appalled at all I've swallowed and just took it helplessly. And I truly hope the American people will rise up in anger too, and say "NO MORE!"

I hope the American people will follow through and impeach this traitor and bring him to justice. Maybe it's not too late? Maybe there's hope for this country after all?