Made It!

It's January 1 and I think I reached my goal of merging the seven blogs into two and getting them ready to make public. What a job it was.

One huge problem, after I had done SO much work on them -- I went to check how they looked in Internet Explorer and they were NOT displaying properly. Groannnnn... I tried every which way to find out why, but with a sagging heart I came to realize that the only way around the problem was to fix them IN Internet Explorer. That meant replacing the template. And that meant I had to back up every single thing, every widget, every link, every post -- everything. AND keep a record of every change, even of every color code I used.

So I got started. I have a test blog, so first I went to the test blog to see what damage would be done by replacing, or recreating the template. Did several tests. When I was finally satisfied that I wasn't going to lose the blog, I took a deep breath and went and changed the template. Press "View Blog" and of course things looked funny, but at least I knew why each thing was funny-looking. So armed with the data I had recorded, I went and customized the template, every color, every size, on and on and on. Then -- and I really didn't want to look --- but I couldn't put it off forever --- though I thought of that --- anyway, I pressed "View Blog"  ......and it was perfect!  

You know -- it makes no sense that if you create it in Internet Explorer it looks fine in the other browsers, but if you create it in another browser it won't look the same in Internet Explorer.

Well, good way to start the year! I'm hoping to do more writing this year, so stay tuned ...more's on the way!