Merging Seven Blogs! ! !

Taking a break, been at this all day.

   I've decided not to ditch my "Homeward Bound" blog. This is the blog that routes you to all the other blogs. It was in my main Blogger account, so I may as well keep it.

The only thing is -- for those of you who were following it to see posts on politics and current events, I'm pretty much not going to blog on those subjects anymore. Lotsa reasons, but I'm not going to get into that here. My interests have changed.

My blogs are going to be on all things concerning my God and my life with Him, and then also my photography and hobbies blog.

From time to time I may write on a subject concerning what's going on in the world, and at the moment I DO have such a subject in mind to post in the first week of the new year. It's a very serious subject and I need time to think on it before I write on it. I don't know how to write it without scaring the bejeebies out of everyone.

But back to now -- I've managed to merge my 7, yes SEVEN blogs into two. Back when I started blogging I had this fear that one or another blog could become corrupted, so I made a separate blog for each topic so if I lose one, I won't lose them all. That meant seven gmail accounts to access each blog. And now I realize that that was not such a good idea, because any time I wanted to access one of them, I had to sign out, then sign in with the appropriate gmail account and... well that got old. So it's taking me a very long time to get everything transferred. For every single move, I have to go and change the link wherever it has a link to it. And that's taking me forever. But it will be worth it, because everything will be centralized and connected to my one main gmail account. 

I'm also glad about this for another reason -- some of them really needed to be redone and updated. 

If you should find a link that's not working, it WILL be. I still have a LOT to do.

Well, I smell my chicken fingers in the oven, and I'm hungry -- so this is all I have to blog for right now.