Back in the saddle

Lots to do! Around this time each year I go through all my blogs to make sure all the links and pics are working. But this time I'm changing a lot of it. I had four Blogger accounts with several blogs in each. Don't know why I did it that way, I must have had some convoluted reason at the time.

So ... I"m migrating all those blogs into just two accounts. Now, you ask why I don't migrate them all into one? Well there IS a reasonable reason for that. There's just too many of them. All the blogs have sub-blogs, which have a gazillion posts in them all. So two is about as concise as I can get it.

This is going to take awhile, so I'm back in the saddle and not moving out of my cave till it's done!

Stop by and watch the progress. Hopefully this is going to turn into a great blog.