America Has Spoken!

I am feeling things inside that are totally surprising to me. I didn't realize how much anger I've been suppressing since Obama has taken over this country. I had come to the belief that nothing could possibly change this and I had totally let go and pointed myself only to the coming of the Lord for us. I was ready to leave America behind.

This morning I was happy to see that the American people gave the mad man in the occupied White House a huge rejection of all he stands for. But it was shocking to me, because I firmly believed there's no hope for this country and our ONLY hope is the Lord coming for us. I just wanted to be delivered from this awful world.

I've been in shock all morning. And as a glimmer of hope arises out of nowhere, I've started feeling feelings I didn't know were there. The anger I have felt over the total depravity of that man and the lack of opposition from the people, and the horrendous evil he has brought this country to on EVERY count - it's an anger being let loose inside of me that is just taking over. I'm actually physically shaking.

I want that man brought to justice. I hope beyond hope that a movement will arise to impeach that traitor and bring him to justice. And I'd like to be on the jury to make sure it gets done. That man is the closest thing to Satan that I have ever known.

I just had to vent because it's taken over me this morning, and I'm telling you this IS RIGHTEOUS anger and I make no apology for it. That man -- all he stands for is EVIL. Everything he has done is EVIL. He has even defied the Supreme Court!!! And we've had to just sit here and take it, watch and mourn and just feel impotent, nothing we could do, just let it happen as he brings this country down. Here are SOME, certainly not all, of what he has imposed on America:
  • He has opened our borders so that anyone from anywhere can come waltzing into this country, and they have. Sick people. Terrorists. Anyone has a free ticket to America.
  • He has filled his administration with Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and socialists.
  • On a New Year's Eve when everyone was gone for the holidays, he signed the " National Defense Authorization Act." Do you know what that is? It authorizes law enforcement agencies to arrest and detain anyone anywhere for anything, under the excuse that they are a threat to US security. That could even include bloggers if they use the wrong words in their blogs. If they come pick you up, you get no lawyer, no counsel, no trial, you have no recourse.
  • He got rid of more than 200 of his top military officers. What does that tell you?
  • He is a man of LAWLESSNESS. Pulling "Executive Order" when he otherwise can't get his way. In his case, "Executive Order" means dictatorship.
  • He pushed for partial birth abortion -- do you know what that is??? They stick a knife in a full-term baby's neck and kill him as he's being born. And he even pushed for AFTER birth abortion.
  • He has made a fool of the prime minister of Israel and turned his back on our one ally in the Middle East, all the while bringing Muslim Brotherhood terrorists INTO THE WHITE HOUSE.
  • And the economy
  • And Obamacare 
  • And ...he has stated that America is no longer a Christian nation.
I thought we had to just sit here and take it because this man is God's judgment on America. So we've sat here and we've swallowed it all. 

But now that America has risen up and said "NO!" - all these pent-up angers are rising to the surface and I'm appalled at all I've swallowed and just took it helplessly. And I truly hope the American people will rise up in anger too, and say "NO MORE!"

I hope the American people will follow through and impeach this traitor and bring him to justice. Maybe it's not too late? Maybe there's hope for this country after all?

Where Is The Antichrist Born?

The Antichrist is the last-days counterfeit of Jesus that the whole Bible speaks about throughout the Old and New Testaments. If he's the counterfeit of Jesus, lets take a look at one of the subjects that may characterize him.

Jesus. Where was this man from?

It must have been confusing to the Rabbis when they considered this man Jesus whom people were saying is the Messiah.

The Rabbis believed Messiah had to be from Bethlehem.
... when he had gathered all the chief priests
and scribes of the  people together, he inquired
of them where the Christ was to be born.  So
they said to him, “In Bethlehem of Judea..."
Matthew 2:3-4
But Jesus's hometown was Nazareth.
And he came and dwelt in a city called
Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which
was spoken by the prophets, 'He shall be
called a Nazarene.'"
Matthew 2:19-23
Or was he from Egypt?
When he arose, he took the young Child
and his mother by night and departed for
Egypt, and was there until the death of
Herod, that it might be fulfilled which was
spoken by the Lord through the prophet,
saying, “Out of Egypt I called My Son.”
Matthew 2:14
Not only that, but they heard that he was illegitimate.
Jesus said: "I am one who bears witness of
myself, and the Father who sent me bears
witness of me.”

They answered in sarcasm:
Yeah, “Where IS your Father?”

And with sarcasm they threw at him the
insinuation that he was born of fornication:
WE were not born of fornication; WE have
one Father, God.”
John 8:18, 19, 41
So. There was tremendous confusion over the origins of this man Jesus.

Can you think of anyone in our modern times who's origin cannot be proved? Someone who cannot document anything about his past? No birth certificate? No one from his past who can say they knew him?

Who's son is he?

Israel vs The Muslims

Pastor Bill Cripe has given a stellar presentation about the Middle East conflict. Please listen to it. He gave it in 3 parts, the 3 most recent broadcasts found at the link below. I've never heard a better presentation on it and I believe he had the anointing of the Holy Spirit as he delivered this 3-part message. They're entitled "Facts Are Stubborn Things."

Listen to the 3 most recent here:

Friends -we're heading into something most of you have never experienced before and I can't plead with you strongly enough to pay attention. I believe we're going to be awakened out of our day-to-day mundaneness this year. In April, Kerry is going to Israel to demand that the Israelis surrender to the "peace process," laying terms that Israel cannot live with. One observer said that Kerry's obsessed with this and is going to push it to the max. That spells great -- GREAT -- judgment coming upon this country if he goes through with what he's planning.

PLUS -there are a series of "tetrads" coming this year and next. Total lunar eclipses falling on God's feast days, this year and next. Something is coming, of that we can be sure. I'd say more, but this is going to be too long already. PLEASE wake up and pay attention.

In addition to pastor Cripe's presentation, I recommend the book, "As America Has Done To Israel," by John McTernan. You can get it at John shows that ever since the "peace process" began in Madrid in 1991, every major effort by the United States government to interfere with or hinder God's program of the restoration of Israel -- has brought hard judgments against the US, usually within 48 hours. I've made a chart of them at the link below, but please become informed and read the book.

Here's the chart

And here's the book:

PLEASE read it.

Rabbi Kaduri

In 2006 a very aged and beloved Rabbi by the name of Yitzhak Kaduri died at the age of 108 in Israel.

Towards the end of his life, Rabbi Kaduri spoke very often of the Messiah, and said that the Messiah had come to him. Before he died the Rabbi left behind a note which he asked not be opened or read until a year after his death. In 2007 when the note was opened, shock came to his yeshiva students and the word was spread all across Israel that Kaduri left an acrostic, which is a word spelled out by the first letters in a sequence of words. The word it spelled out was, according to the Rabbi, the name of the Messiah. The name of the Messiah, the note said, is YESHUA - the Hebrew name for Jesus.

The Rabbi said another thing too. He said that the Messiah will come -- after the death of Ariel Sharon.

Ariel Sharon died today.

What To Watch For In 2014 -UFO's

2014 -What to watch for in this year

At some point there is going to be "disclosure" about UFO's. Watch for the Pope to lead unsuspecting hearts toward accepting "aliens" as brothers with good intent. They are anything but!

If there's one word to describe what's about to come upon us, it's DECEPTION.

Memorize Matthew 24:4 because it's going to be the one glaring factor in what's coming upon the earth that we need to be watching for.

'And what will be the sign of your coming,
and of the end of the age?'
And Jesus answered and said to them:
'Take heed that no one deceives you.'
Matthew 24:3-4

Back To Normal

My daughter has finally come out of hiding and has reappeared raring to go with our photo blogs. She works at L L Bean and during the Christmas season they put everyone one 6-days a week, so she disappears until shortly after Christmas.
Well now we're back to normal and going to work on our photos.  

The hours fly by and before you know it it's getting dark outside.

This is funny - just after typing that I looked up at the window -- and sure enough -- it's dark outside.

Have you ever noticed that when you're waiting for something the time seems to stand still, but when you're engrossed in something, time accelerates incredibly? 

Oh well, back to the drawing board. No, not drawing board, it's a laptop  

So What's Next

I released the blog to the public, posted it on Facebook, and sent an email notification to everyone on my email list. Now that whole endeavor is complete.

So ...what's next?

Well I need to go into each sub-blog and update all of them. That won't be such a hassle because they are stand-alone blogs, meaning they're more like web sites, around a single topic. I won't be adding much to them so I only need to make sure all the links are working. I did a quick run through them before posting my main blog, so I don't think it's going to be much of a chore.

And then after that, maybe I'll start writing again. I haven't written in a very long time and miss it. We'll see how the Lord leads.

And then there's my music ....I have a new keyboard and haven't used it much because I've been head over heels in overhauling my blogs. I don't want to neglect the music. I HAVE, though, listed all the instruments it is capable of playing, and all the various beats. Mostly, though, I'll play it as a piano because that's always been my love. It's going to take a lot of practice to get back the skill I had years ago. Maybe I never will, but this I do know, it gives an enjoyment nothing else can give. So even if it's just for that, I'll just use it for enjoyment.

I suspect 2014 is going to be a very eventful year. I listen to people not in the mainstream, people who have contacts in key places, and they're all saying pretty much the same things. I'm not sure if I want to go there, on my blogs. Scary things are coming. What good will it do to blog about them? I don't know. This is something I really have to give a lot of thought to, and seek the Lord concerning what he would have me make public and what is better left alone.

Made It!

It's January 1 and I think I reached my goal of merging the seven blogs into two and getting them ready to make public. What a job it was.

One huge problem, after I had done SO much work on them -- I went to check how they looked in Internet Explorer and they were NOT displaying properly. Groannnnn... I tried every which way to find out why, but with a sagging heart I came to realize that the only way around the problem was to fix them IN Internet Explorer. That meant replacing the template. And that meant I had to back up every single thing, every widget, every link, every post -- everything. AND keep a record of every change, even of every color code I used.

So I got started. I have a test blog, so first I went to the test blog to see what damage would be done by replacing, or recreating the template. Did several tests. When I was finally satisfied that I wasn't going to lose the blog, I took a deep breath and went and changed the template. Press "View Blog" and of course things looked funny, but at least I knew why each thing was funny-looking. So armed with the data I had recorded, I went and customized the template, every color, every size, on and on and on. Then -- and I really didn't want to look --- but I couldn't put it off forever --- though I thought of that --- anyway, I pressed "View Blog"  ......and it was perfect!  

You know -- it makes no sense that if you create it in Internet Explorer it looks fine in the other browsers, but if you create it in another browser it won't look the same in Internet Explorer.

Well, good way to start the year! I'm hoping to do more writing this year, so stay tuned ...more's on the way!

Merging Seven Blogs! ! !

Taking a break, been at this all day.

   I've decided not to ditch my "Homeward Bound" blog. This is the blog that routes you to all the other blogs. It was in my main Blogger account, so I may as well keep it.

The only thing is -- for those of you who were following it to see posts on politics and current events, I'm pretty much not going to blog on those subjects anymore. Lotsa reasons, but I'm not going to get into that here. My interests have changed.

My blogs are going to be on all things concerning my God and my life with Him, and then also my photography and hobbies blog.

From time to time I may write on a subject concerning what's going on in the world, and at the moment I DO have such a subject in mind to post in the first week of the new year. It's a very serious subject and I need time to think on it before I write on it. I don't know how to write it without scaring the bejeebies out of everyone.

But back to now -- I've managed to merge my 7, yes SEVEN blogs into two. Back when I started blogging I had this fear that one or another blog could become corrupted, so I made a separate blog for each topic so if I lose one, I won't lose them all. That meant seven gmail accounts to access each blog. And now I realize that that was not such a good idea, because any time I wanted to access one of them, I had to sign out, then sign in with the appropriate gmail account and... well that got old. So it's taking me a very long time to get everything transferred. For every single move, I have to go and change the link wherever it has a link to it. And that's taking me forever. But it will be worth it, because everything will be centralized and connected to my one main gmail account. 

I'm also glad about this for another reason -- some of them really needed to be redone and updated. 

If you should find a link that's not working, it WILL be. I still have a LOT to do.

Well, I smell my chicken fingers in the oven, and I'm hungry -- so this is all I have to blog for right now. 

Back in the saddle

Lots to do! Around this time each year I go through all my blogs to make sure all the links and pics are working. But this time I'm changing a lot of it. I had four Blogger accounts with several blogs in each. Don't know why I did it that way, I must have had some convoluted reason at the time.

So ... I"m migrating all those blogs into just two accounts. Now, you ask why I don't migrate them all into one? Well there IS a reasonable reason for that. There's just too many of them. All the blogs have sub-blogs, which have a gazillion posts in them all. So two is about as concise as I can get it.

This is going to take awhile, so I'm back in the saddle and not moving out of my cave till it's done!

Stop by and watch the progress. Hopefully this is going to turn into a great blog.

I love beautiful things

I love beautiful things. I love making inspirational pictures. See the tab on the menu above. As I go along redoing my blogs, I'm taking notes on which of those pictures need to be redone. Some go way back to my first days learning Paintshop Pro.

I've also been studying Windows Movie Maker. Here's the first one I created. Gotta find time to do some more, they're so beautiful.

A Beautiful Hymn -On YouTube

Photo Blog

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I work with my daughter and we just have the best time!

I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed. We started with a photo blog, but then we found out that Flickr has totally revamped their site and changed their policies. Now the photos actually look better on Flickr than on the blog. Plus on a blog make it load slowly.  So we may major in Flickr but post only a sampling on our blogs.

Decisions, decisions... When you look at the blog, see the menu bar at the top. From there you can access all the photos I've uploaded till now.

If There Were Any Other Way

Many believe that all paths lead to God.
Scripture tells us that the Gospel is an "offense,"
and its exclusivity is its greatest offense.
Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father, but by me."

There must be something awful to avoid,
for the Son of God to pay such an awful price.

If There Were Any Other Way

Pic -The Humility of God

As Easter week progresses, let our hearts be fixed on what we are celebrating, for what we are celebrating is the most important event in human history, God taking on humanity so that he could be the atonement for our sins.

The Humility of God

Pic -Who Are The Two Men Crucified With Christ?

Who are the two men crucified with Christ, one on his right and one on his left? It's very important to understand who they are and why they are there.

Who Are The Two Men Crucified With Christ?

Islam and "The Palestinian People" Made Easy To Understand

This is the most easy-to-understand clip I've yet seen on the subject of Islam and the Palestinian people. Even if you're not very interested in the subject, please look at this one because in one short clip he tells you the bottom line. And it's very easy to follow.

Islam and "The Palestinian People"

The Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 Wars Compared

What do we know about the upcoming wars in Israel?
What's the difference between the great war of Ezekiel 38, and the soon-to-come war of Psalm 83?

I've posted what the Bible has told us about these upcoming events:.

Psalm 83 first, then Ezekiel 38

Ishmael? Isaac? The Truth About The "Palestinian State"

Ishmael? Isaac? The Truth About The "Palestinian State"

This week, Ishmael is going to the United Nations to ask the UN to accept his so-called "Palestinian state," all of which is WITHIN the borders of Israel.

And Ishmael is demanding that its capital will be half of Jerusalem, WHICH IS ISRAEL'S CAPITAL!!!

And the world can't see the insanity of it all!

What is the TRUTH?

Click Here

The Harbinger -by Jonathan Kahn

People get upset when a believer states that a calamity might be judgment from God. I'm not sure I understand why they get upset -- if they've read what God says about Himself in his Word to us, then they'll know that not only does he warn by judgments, but that that is especially true when a nation founded upon His Word goes astray.

I do not like, nor recommend the host of the following broadcast and considered not posting the video. But his guest, Jonathan Kahn, has something VERY important to say to us, and I hope it will be heard and taken to heart.

A Message by Jonathan Kahn

Tisha b'Av


Tonight begins the 9th of the month of Av, the date on the Hebrew calendar when the first Jewish Temple was destroyed, only to be repeated many years later when the second Temple was destroyed and the Jewish people scattered throughout the world. Many, many other terrible things have happened on this date, but on this date the Jewish people mainly mourn the destruction of both the first and the second Temples on the 9th of Av.

Awhile back, a different year, the Lord gave the following to me, which at that time I sent out. This year, I was prompted to send it out again. And as I reviewed it before sending it out just now, the hairs stood up on my arms when I realized that the Scripture quoted from Jeremiah chapter 22 JUST HAPPENED TO BE my reading of this morning! That gives me tremors inside.

Here's The Word:

In The Cross -A Hymn On YouTube

The words are so beautiful, it came to mind that it should be on YouTube. Here it is:

A Beautiful Hymn -On YouTube.

Studying Movie Maker

Spent the day studying Windows Movie Maker. This is my gazillionth try, but I'm getting there.

Just Who IS Barack Hussein Obama?

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?
What are his REAL objectives?
Everyone in the US, no, the WORLD should listen to this presentation.
Warning - it's not for the faint of heart.

Are YOU Scoffing? H Camping and The Rapture

Are YOU scoffing?

What to make of this false prophecy...

Will May 21 Be The End?

The news is spreading like wildfire.

Will the world end on May 21?

Or maybe it's the day of the Rapture?

David Wilkerson -A Call To Anguish

Do you go to church to hear a feel-good message? Is your idea of Christianity centered on what you can get out of it?

David Wilkerson who died recently, addresses this in a passionate, hard-hitting message that every believer should hear.

This could change your life, and the lives of those you love.

Who Would Ever Have Believed ...//

Who would ever have believed? Hamas and Fatah unite???

To understand it, you need to see the big picture.

A Terrible Price

If there isn't something terrible to be avoided, God would not have sent his Son to pay such a terrible price.

If you can get to heaven any other way, the crucifixion of Christ would have been unnecessary.

Egypt, Lebanon, What's Going On?

Egypt, Lebanon ...What's going on? Take another look from the perspective of prophecies found in the Bible.

What's Going On?

Guilty Before Heaven's Court

I've posted a new story, one that EVERYONE should read. It's a good representation of what will transpire for each one of us when we die.

Are you wracked with feelings of guilt?

When you think of judgment does it terrify you so much you just don't go there?

Read The Story

It's on the left side under "New"

Unsaved Loved Ones

Have you been praying a long time for unsaved loved ones?

I've updated my blog, "Who Is Jesus?"  I've posted on it a YouTube presentation that is unquestionably the greatest presentation on the subject that I've EVER seen!

This would be just excellent to give to unsaved loved ones! Send them the link to the blog where they can view it, or even better, get the DVD at Amazon and give it to them, I've posted the link to Amazon.

If you've been praying for someone for a long time, this could bring an answer to your prayers.

Are YOU An Abomination To God?

How would you feel if you found out YOU are an abomination to God?

Probably the way I felt on the day I found that out about myself.

Are You An Abomination To God?

God's Way Is Not Politically Correct

Political correctness dictates tolerance and acceptance of all. I'm NOT politically correct. Sometimes you have to make a choice between political correctness and the truth.

Are There Many Paths To God?

Presidential Seal Falls To The Floor

Two headlines in the news this week gave me pause. On Tuesday, while Obama was speaking, the Presidential Seal fell to the floor. And on Thursday while he was speaking, dozens of people became ill.

Reminiscent of the handwriting on the wall in Daniel chapter 5 ??

How The Media Misrepresent Israel

Under US and UN pressure, Israel is easing the delivery of goods into Gaza.

What the media DON'T tell you:

How The Media Misrepresent Israel

Obama Snubs Israeli Prime Minister -AGAIN

The Prime Minister of Israel has been in the US twice in recent weeks, and both times he was snubbed by Obama.

Is there a correlation between those rejections and the storms that hit the US at the same time?

Is The Oil Disaster Judgment From God?

How does the oil disaster on America's southern coast relate to US pressure upon Israel?

The Mountains Of Israel

The nations are fighting to form a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel.

Will it happen?

I don't know.

But I do know how it will end:

On The Mountains Of Israel

The TRUTH Will Set You Free

Do you know what this statement means?
It can change your life completely.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Give Me Neither Poverty Nor Riches

Both poverty and riches can be dangerous. Blessed is the man who is content with what he has.

PIC -Neither Poverty Nor Riches

Who Is Jesus

Who is Jesus?
What are his claims?
What makes him different from the founder of any other religion?

Earthquakes -And The End Of The World

Since January there have been 10 earthquakes measuring 6.0 or greater, and two of them were devastating. Are these what Jesus prophesied would point to "the end of the age?"


Obama Humiliates Israeli Prime Minister

Never has the head of a sovereign nation been so humiliated as was the Israeli Prime Minister when he visited Washington this week.

Obama Humiliates Israeli Prime Minister

Angels Sing With Us

Are you a Christian? Have you ever had an incident which caused you to later suspect you had been visited by an angel?

Global Warming Hits The White House

Does anyone remember climate expert Lord Monckton who strongly warned Americans to resist what was planned to happen in Copenhagen in December?

When I saw the White House covered in global warming, errrr, uhhhh, snow, that is, -- it struck me as hilarious. Only problem is, they don't have eyes to see, or ears to hear and understand the incredible irony in this.

Global Warming Hits The White House

New Pics

I've posted some new inspirational pics on my artworks blog. See the words "New" in the sidebars.

New Pics

What Happened To Haiti?

HOW did a place that once was a haven of glorious wealth and beauty become the poorest land in the western world, and one of the poorest and most oppressed countries on the face of the earth?

What Happened To Haiti?

America Is Asleep

America is asleep. It's been 8 years since 9/11 and we've been lulled back to lullaby time, all's ok and we're eating, drinking, and making merry.

This is something all should see, pass it on:

America Is Asleep

Reaction To Netanyahu's Speech

When I read the news headlines after his speech, I was overwhelmed with shock and disappointment. But when I read what he actually said, it was a different story.

Reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech

Sounds Like A Nice Grandfather?

If you don't read the subtitles, this sounds like a nice, warm, grandfatherly teddy bear teaching his audience how to do works of charity in the name of Allah.

Sounds Like A Nice Grandfather

My Kinda Humor

Sometime you gotta take a break from all the seriousness and lighten up a little. It's raining today, and I decided to revamp my HUMOR blog. Take a look:

My Kinda Humor

A Response To David Wilkerson's Message

Yesterday, David Wilkerson, a much-respected man of God, submitted a warning of a dire calamity to come upon this country. Today his message made Worldnet Daily. This is a response to what he said:

A Response To David Wilkerson's Message

Judgment As Hillary Calls For A "Two State" Solution

For those of you who are familiar with the phenomenon concerning judgment on America within 48 hours of America coercing Israel to give up more of her God-given land.....

As America's Secretary of State begins her visit to the Middle East, America is pummelled with a severe blizzard that so far has cost 4 people their lives and that has landed damage in the thousands of dollars upon states from Alabama up to the northeast. Here are the stats so far:

Judgment As Hillary Calls For a "Two-State Solution"

Judgment As Obama Shows His True Colors

You may remember several posts I did concerning calamities hitting the United States within 48 hours of the US president or Secretary of State pressuring Israel to give up her God-given land to her enemies -or in any way meddling in God's program of the restoration of Israel.

This year I'm going to keep a blow-by-blow accounting of this phenomenon as it happens.

Judgment As Obama Shows His True Colors

Media Bias Against Israel

If you believe what the media feed you, they'll have you in the palm of their hands.

Concerning the recent outbreak in Gaza between Israel and the never-resting "Palestinians," take a look at the way the media protrays it:

Media bias against Israel


Israel's Covenant

Does Israel have a God-given right to the land she is "occupying?"

Some answers concening the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel's Covenant

Obama -America's Downfall

Who can explain the incredible mezmerization of half a nation of people?

What are the stakes in the upcoming election?

Obama, America's Downfall

Obama's Shady Ties To Terrorists

It's Germany all over again.

It's appalling that in spite of Obama's dark associations continuing to come to light, the Obama mania still has the heart of the American people.

The Bible says that in the "last days," people will be given over to strong delusion. Looks like it's begun.

Sean Hannity of Fox News breaks the story:

Obama's Shady Ties To Terrorists

God Is A Good Accountant

A true story

Does God keep track of every little detail in our lives? Does he know where every penny is in an accounting sheet? Would you even think to ask Him about such a thing? One man did...

The Lord God Is Also A Good Accountant

A Christian Alternative To Halloween?

Are you bringing your child to a "Christian alternative" to Halloween? Think about it for a minute. What are you trying to teach your child?

A Christian Alternative To Halloween?

Muslim Indoctrination Of *OUR* Children

The Muslim indoctrination of children.

That is, in their elementary schools, right?

No! It's happening here too!

Muslim Indoctrination Of OUR Children.

Simon's Story

Everyone loves a good story....

I'm beginning another series of true stories. These are stories of the touch of God on lives of believers. They're insprirational and faith-building, wonderful stories that tell of the personal love with which God loves all who believe in Him.

If they touch you, send the link to others who might need encouragement.

This week's featured story:

Simon's Story

The Rapture

The Rapture, the parousia, the harpazo...

Why people don't believe it.

Including a discourse on "What is faith?"

The Rapture -Why People Don't Believe It

The "Emerging" Global Religion

When I first heard about the foretold "one-world-religion" 30 years ago, I had a hard time envisioning it because back then, people's beliefs were pretty immoveable.

With shock and horror that very prophesied thing is taking shape across the globe. Incredibly, millions are falling for it. Take a look at the picture emerging right before our eyes:

The "Emerging" Global Religion

Obama -How Could He Get Much Worse?

Just when you think you've seen the worst, something even more evil comes upon the scene.

Here's something that shows the character of the man who wants to sit in the White House. The alarming part isn't so much what he stands for, as it is the multitudes who are in agreement with him.

Obama -How could he get much worse?

Counterfeit Revival

There's a huge counterfeit "revival" going on in Florida.

Commonly called "the Lakeland Revival," it's headed up by Todd Bentley, a tattoed, body-pierced, man who yells, "BAM" when he performs "healings."

Is it a real revival? Is it valid? Is it a move of God?

Counterfeit Revival

Dominion Theology

Dominion Theology, also known as Kingdom Now Theology, is duping countless believers across the globe. Here are some facts:

Dominion Theology, Kingdom Now

Erekat's Boast Against Jesus

Palestinian Spokesman Saeb Erekat Insults Jesus

I sure wouldn't want to be in HIS shoes!

Read Erekat's Boast Against Jesus

Muslims Find The God Of Love

A great move of God is taking place among the Muslims. Muslims are coming to faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in record numbers world-wide. Funny the media aren't talking about it.

Click on the link below to hear the testimony of one young man who was delivered from the deep deception of Islam, upon being visited by the God of love.

Testimonies: A Muslim Journey To Hope

Finally, please forward this page to your contacts.
Let's make known the awesome move of God taking place among a very oppressed people.

Our Morally Bankrupt Justices

I used to watch "Dragnet" as a kid, and grew up thinking our justice system to be absolutely beyond question. What on earth has happened to our country?

We hear reports like the following almost daily, and they expose the morally bankrupt system that presides over our society. I don't know about you, but this makes me nauseous:

Our Morally Bankrupt Justices

All About Reiki

"Reiki" is a New Age practice that has become very popular in America. What is the truth about Reiki?

If you have a friend or loved one involved in this New Age practice, send them this link:



Are we entering "The time of sorrows?" Take a look at the breakdown:


Tolerance For All EXCEPT Christians

Where is this going to end, folks?

Where is this taking us?

Tolerance for Everyone EXCEPT Christians

Obama's Pastor Redefines The Gospel

This "pastor" needs to go back to Bible school!

Obama's Pastor Redefines The Gospel

The Occult -Spiritual Adultery

There's a world we do not see or experience with our five senses, but that doesn't change the fact that that world is very real - the world of the supernatural. God is a supernatural being, and when one walks with the Lord, he/she will experience the supernatural from time to time.

However, there is another supernatural being, one who is at enmity with God and never ceases in his efforts to seduce the children of God aside into forbidden areas. Learn about this second being, and protect yourself and your family from involvement with him, because involvement with him is DEADLY.

"The Occult -Spiritual Adultery"